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My studio practice involves the combination of images and words. I like to find images and enhance or detract or completely turn the meaning of it on its head, by adding words (usually lyrics from music). Whether these images are 2d or 3d is irrelevant, I could be expressing personal feelings, political ideas, or poking fun at a comic book I read. I use images from the everyday, famous photos from history, of politicians, comic book panels. Anything is fair game. 

In my work I strive to make the viewer react, whether that’s just making them question what they’re looking at or to become angered and have a negative reaction. The best possible outcome for my art is to get the viewer thinking, to show them a point of view that they may not have come to on their own. I like to spend time planning a piece by drawing sketches or compiling digital images and creating it on the computer. Being able to actually see what the final product will look like before it is started helps me to maintain a sense of direction while actually working on the piece.

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